Shawville Grocery to PFBC Frenchville Access

River Miles: 14 miles

Estimated paddle time: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Ideal paddling time: April - June; low water levels during the summer make paddling difficult

Paddlers along this section of river will enjoy the calm waters of the Susquehanna as they meander past stepping stones and boulders. In places, the metal rings where the log rafts would tie up for the night are still found, secured in boulders along the river. Occasional riffles, extended length, and the remote setting of this section garner a moderate difficulty level; however, the beauty of the surrounding wilderness makes the challenges well worth it. Be sure to bring along your binoculars for wildlife sightings, including bald eagles, bears, and great blue herons. 

Put In: 

River Mile 163: Shawville United Methodist Church Access. Located off of Shawville Croft Highway State Route 879 at coordinates 41.068361, -78.359324.

Take Out:

River Mile 149: PFBC Frenchville Access. Traveling from Frenchville, take State Route 879 West towards Shawville. Turn left onto State Route 1009 (Deer Creek Road). After crossing the Deer Creek Bridge, Access is on the right. 

Area Outfitter: McCracken's Canoe Sales and Rental


Photos by Chuck Haupt