River Towns Program

The Susquehanna Greenway River Towns Program is designed to help communities enhance and build meaningful relationships to the Susquehanna Greenway and connect to a larger system of support and inspiration. Our collaborative program works with communities to build leadership teams, galvanize support, navigate the planning process, and identify community-sourced programs and projects that will strengthen these connections.

PLEASE NOTE: The program is currently under construction. Check back for updates.

River Towns Program Informational Brochure

Program Under Construction

Become a Susquehanna Greenway River Town

This Program provides assistance to Susquehanna Greenway communities that seek to revitalize and celebrate their River connection, based on four guiding principles:

  • Respect and work with the natural features of the Susquehanna River and the Susquehanna Greenway corridor.
  • Strengthen physical and visual connections between River Towns and the outdoor resources of Susquehanna Greenway.
  • Actively engage community members with the opportunities of the river, the Greenway, and their River Town.
  • Foster a diverse culture of outdoor recreation that encourages active, healthy living.

Benefits of a Susquehanna Greenway River Town:

  • Foster a communal sense of place and strong local identity that is attractive to multi-generational residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Strengthen regional connections with neighboring River Towns through participation in the Susquehanna Greenway River Town Community Network.
  • Renew and expand your community’s connection to outdoor resources of the Susquehanna Greenway.
  • Improve community health through increased access to bicycle and pedestrian-friendly opportunities.
  • Maximize economic opportunities through strengthened recreational culture, outdoor connections, and resource awareness.


The Susquehanna Greenway River Towns Program is open to all communities located within the Susquehanna Greenway corridor in Pennsylvania. Applicants may be individual municipalities or a coalition of multiple adjacent communities. To check if your town is within the Susquehanna Greenway, visit the Online Interactive Map.

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PLEASE NOTE: The program is currently under construction. Check back for updates.