Lower Susquehanna Region

Flowing 53 miles from Harrisburg to the Maryland border, the river–and the parks, trails, and communities along its shore–all make up the Lower Susquehanna Region of the Susquehanna Greenway. Characterized by wide waters and steep cliffsides, this region is a playground for any recreationalist–hiking, biking, paddling, climbing, and more!

This region is unique for its ‘lake-like’ sections resulting from the series of hydroelectric dams. The change in landscape makes for an area teeming with recreational opportunities for all forms of boating, including sailing. Unique remnants of early Native American civilizations can also be seen in petroglyphs on boulders within the river itself. Explore protected bird habitats at the Conjohela Flats or the unique “potholes” at Conewago Falls.

Lower Section Map

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Lower Section Tours

Whether you feel like walking or driving, have a whole day, or just an afternoon, there is a tour for you along the Greenway!  Explore the links below and get going.

Driving Tours

Civil War Trails
By: VisitPA.com and Civil War Trails
The Pennsylvania Civil War Trails: Prelude to Gettysburg tells the often-silent home front stories. It’s on these Trails that the faceless are brought to life and the places in between are explored. Your journey begins in Harrisburg and takes you through the towns, farms, and fields that experienced war firsthand. Places like Wrightsville and Columbia that gave all they had to keep the Confederate forces from crossing the river.
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