Middle Susquehanna River Trail Day Trips

The Susquehanna River Water Trail is a 54-mile trail between Sunbury and Harrisburg that includes 20 publicly owned islands providing opportunities for primitive camping and day use by paddlers and other boaters. 

There are three dams along this trail corridor -Harrisburg, Hummels Wharf, and the fabridm at Sunbury. All are potentially hazardous; the Harrisburg dam has a deadly hydraulic that has claimed many lives. Please be sure to map your route before going out to paddle to  identify hazards such as these and safe ways around them (portage routes). 

Day Trip Paddles

Marysville to West Fairview

Isle of Que to Mahantango - 12 miles

Isle of Que to Millersburg River Front Park; Overnight - 21 miles

Amity Hall to Marysville - 11.75 miles

PFBC Montgomery's Ferry to Duncan Island - 6 miles 

Halifax to Fort Hunter - 15 miles