This 6-mile run along the Middle Susquehanna may be lacking in river miles, but it makes up for it with a variety of sites and landmarks. Along the way, paddlers will go under the famous Rockville Bridge; at 3,280 feet long this bridge is the longest stone-arch bridge in the world. More than 30 trains cross over its 48 arches every day.

Just downstream, the George N. Wade Bridge crosses the Susquehanna and gives way to McCormick’s Island; the southern tip is a great stop for an afternoon picnic. Just offshore of McCormick Island is Wade Island, Pennsylvania’s largest multi-species rookery (nesting island). Bring your binoculars to see the hundreds of nests that dot its shores, however please enjoy these sites from the comfort of your boat as trespassing on the island is illegal. If camping is your intention, there are several sites along river right islands downstream of McCormick. After the last island, stay river right to exit at West Fairview Boat Launch.

Put In

River Mile ~ 77: Maryville Boat Launch.

Photo courtesy of Alisha Moncrief

Take Out

River Mile 72: West Fairview Boat Launch.

Photo courtesy of Clay Anderson

More Day Trips in the Middle Section

Fort Hunter to City Island

6.38 miles


Isle of Que Loop

2.75 miles (3.85 miles for Alternate Route)


Mahantango to Halifax

14 miles


Halifax to Fort Hunter

15 miles


Montgomery’s Ferry to Haldeman Island

6 miles


Amity Hall to Marysville

10.75-11.75 miles


Isle of Que to Millersburg

21 miles


Isle of Que to Mahantango

12 miles