Montgomery Ferry to Haldeman island route kayaking map

The Middle Susquehanna Water Trail is known for its many islands, as well as surrounding vibrant communities. This trip is perfect for an afternoon or evening on the water, with the opportunity to see and explore some of the islands along the Middle Susquehanna. You’ll begin your trip by launching at PFBC Montgomery’s Ferry access in Buffalo Township. Please note that a PA state launch permit is required to launch at this site.

Once on the river, within a mile you’ll encounter a group of islands, as well as a short low head dam. Run river left to avoid and continue paddling along the islands. As you travel past Lingle Island, you’ll be able to see Fort Halifax Park, which features several trails and camping sites.

You’ll also encounter Clemson Island, one of the larger islands on this section of the river, which also contains the State Game Lands #254. This island and surrounding area are known as the Clemson Island Prehistoric District and is recognized as a historic archaeological site and national historic district. The island previously featured an ancient burial mound for prehistoric people who lived more than a thousand years ago. The area is now used for the management of wildlife as part of the State Game Lands.

After passing Clemson Island, transition over to river right and you will pass the nearby town of New Buffalo. Continue river right as you approach Haldeman Island. Shortly after passing under the Island Road bridge, the Haldeman Island access will be located on river right with a boat launch and parking area.

Clemson Island View of Clemson Island photo courtesy of


The PFBC Montgomery’s Ferry access has a boat ramp, parking, restrooms, and is handicap accessible. Dining services are also located nearby. The Haldeman Island Access has a boat ramp and parking. Please note that a PA state launch permit is required to use both of these accesses.

Put In

River Mile 94: PFBC Montgomery’s Ferry Access (boat launch)

Take Out

River Mile 88: Haldeman Island Access (boat launch)

For Water Trail map, refer to Susquehanna River Water Trail, Middle Section Map (side 2)

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