Isle of Que to Mahantango

River Miles: 12

Estimated Paddle Time: 3-5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Hazards: McKee’s Half Falls



Description: This day trip offers the unique opportunity for paddlers to experience the islands of the Middle Susquehanna, 23 of which are open to primitive overnight camping. The paddle includes long stretches of tranquil water dotted with small towns. Beginning at the Susquehanna Greenway River Town of Selinsgrove, you’ll embark from the Isle of Que, a charming neighborhood with Native Amercan heritage where Penns Creek meets the river. From here, you'll find yourself amidst the lovely island scenery. Look for the green signs if you would like to stop and explore any of the designated camping islands. The route remains generally river right of the islands.  

Around mile 112, you can see vegetation-covered bridge pier remnants from a railroad bridge around the middle of Whites Island, and shortly after, at mile 111, is the Port Trevorton access on river right. As you near the end of your journey, you will encounter a bit of excitement with the Class I rapids at McKees Half Falls, where you should keep to the right side of the river. These rocks represent a layer of sandstone rock formation that is more resistant to the constant water erosion of the river. Depending on paddling conditions, the falls may require scouting ahead. The take-out point at Mahantango is just past the Falls on river right.

Put In:

River Mile 117: PFBC Isle of Que Access

Take Out: 

River Mile 104: PFBC Mahantango Access 


Isle of Que Boat Launch.

Photo courtesy of Rita Kurtz.

SRTA Island Campsite 111.

Photo Courtesy of SRTA.

View of McKee Half Falls and rest area.

Photographer unknown.

View of McKee's Half Falls from rest area.

Photographer unknown.