The Susquehanna River makes a “Great Bend” in Susquehanna County on its way from New York to the Chesapeake Bay. This bend, while brief, is full of stunning landscapes with a hint of history. Begin your paddle at the PFBC Oakland access on the west side of the River. Here you will find gravel parking with a paved ramp access. To utilize this access, please note that all boats must be registered in PA including non-motorized boats that would not otherwise need registration. Enjoy the calm waters of the river as you paddle for a few miles until you reach the former location of the Oakland Dam, where you will encounter Class I rapids. There is an optional portage on river left to walk your boat around the rapids.



A few points of interest along and nearby this route include:

*RM 355.4 – Pennsylvania Scenic Byway

RM 355.4 – D&H Rail Trail, 38-mile trail on former Delaware and Hudson rail-bed that runs from NY State line south along river to Lanesboro, south to Forest City, and along Lackawanna River to Simpson.

RM 352.5Starrucca Viaduct, built in 1848 with local bluestone; it is the oldest bluestone railroad bridge still in use in the state.

RM 350.9Starrucca House, large brick train station.

RM 348.9Mormon Monument at the location where priesthood was conferred on Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints founder Joseph Smith.

RM 344.7 – Red Rock, Rock wall where Native American paintings once depicted General Clinton’s advance in 1779 to meet General Sullivan’s army at Tioga Point.

Camping: Overnight stop at RM 354.6; Cascade ‘Y’ primitive campsite.

*RM = River Mile

Put In

River Mile 354.4; PFBC Oakland Access
Amenities: Boat ramp & parking

Take Out

River Mile 342.5; PFBC Hallstead Access
Amenities: Boat ramp & parking; near lodging, food, and facilities.


Class I rapids at the former Oakland Dam location around RM 350.5.

Photo by Sheila Eyler


For Water Trail map, refer to Susquehanna River Water Trail, North Branch: Section 1

More Day Trips in the North Branch

Berwick: Wetlands to Test Track Park

7.75 (6.7 miles for Alternate Route)


Meshoppen to Tunkhannock Access

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Towanda | Hornbrook Park to Eastside Riverfront Park

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West Nanticoke Canal Park to PFBC Union Township

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PFBC Bloomsburg to Danville Montgomery Park

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Berwick’s Test Track Park to PFBC Bloomsburg

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Wysox to PFBC Terrytown Access

14.3 miles