Segment 4: River Towns

The River Towns section of the West Branch Paddle Club (WBPC) gets its name for the many quaint river towns nestled along the banks of the Susquehanna River's West Branch. In total, this section covers roughly 55 miles of the 228-mile water trail, becoming less remote as it approaches a series of Susquehanna Greenway River Towns including Jersey Shore, Williamsport, Montoursville, Montgomery, and Lewisburg. 

Estimated Paddle Time: 3-5 days (estimate based on 12-16 miles per day at normal water levels)


Start: Jersey Shore Borough Access (RM 55.6)

Accesses on this section:

  • PFBC Linden Access (RM 45.4)
  • DCNR Susquehanna State Park Access (RM 42.1)
  • PFBC Greevy Access (RM 37.3)
  • Montoursville Municipal Access (RM 35.3)
  • Muncy Heritage Park Access (26.7)
  • PFBC Montgomery Access (RM 22.8)
  • Great Stream Commons Access (RM 18.6)
  • Watsontown Borough Access (RM 15.9)
  • PFBC Watsontown Access (RM 15.6)
  • DCNR Milton State Park Access (RM 11.4)
  • Lewisburg Landing (RM 7.3)
  • PFBC Chillisquaque Access (RM 5.8)
  • Pineknotter Point (RM 1)

Overnight Stays:


  • Hepburn Street low-head dam (RM 39.8): Must exit River Left 400 feet upstream of Hepburn Street Dam. Follow the River Walk for a 0.2-mile portage. Put-in 100 feet below dam at the gate. This low-head dam was constructed in 1984-1986 for recreation purposes, replacing a wooden timber dam. Fish ladder added in the 1990s.

End: Northumberland Point Municipal Access (RM 0.05)

Photo courtesy 

The west branch as seen from Susquehanna 

State Park. Photo courtesy Donald Justice at

Susquehanna Greenway River Town panel located at Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg.

Photo courtesy

Maynard Street bridge as seen from the

Williamsport River Walk 

Tollhouse Park in Jersey Shore