March 4, 2024

Lewisburg, PA – The managers of the Susquehanna River Water Trails (SRWT) are pleased to announce the release of a logo and branding suite to promote and help users navigate this unique network for on-water recreation. In conjunction with this announcement comes some exciting public programming, including a set of videos and a Susquehanna River Sojourn Series scheduled for the 2024 paddling season.

The Susquehanna River Water Trail system was one of the first identified and designated within the Pennsylvania Water Trail Program. With over 500 miles of navigable waterway crossing 22 counties, it is also Pennsylvania’s largest water trail.

Because it is so large, the Susquehanna River Water Trail is divided into four manageable branches or sections based on river characteristics and major landmarks—the West Branch, North Branch, Middle Section, and Lower Section.

These branches are managed respectively by the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (West Branch and Lower North Branch), Endless Mountains Heritage Region (Upper North Branch), Susquehanna River Trail Association (Middle Section), and Susquehanna National Heritage Area (Lower Section).

Each branch has a unique and interesting character, and the inspiration behind the new branding is meant to celebrate those differences while recognizing each within the unified Susquehanna River Water Trail system.

“The public typically sees the Susquehanna River as a whole versus the individual branches,” explains SGP Executive Director, Leslie Warriner. “The new logos and branding recognize their natural unity, but also allow the opportunity to showcase the things that make each branch special.”

To celebrate this new release, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) led production on two videos highlighting the stunning landscapes, many activities, wildlife, and landmarks to be seen on each branch. The videos can be viewed on the SGP Facebook and Instagram profiles, or in the window below.

The water trail managers are also banding together to offer the ultimate sampling of the Susquehanna River this upcoming season. The Susquehanna River Sojourn Series will offer a set of four guided paddles, during which the public can experience each branch firsthand. The anticipated schedule is as follows:

  • North Branch: June 1, 2024, Oakland to Hallstead (Registration is now open)
  • Middle Section: June 29, 2024, Fort Hunter to City Island
  • Lower Section: August 17, 2024, Marietta to Columbia
  • West Branch: September 21, 2024, McElhattan to Jersey Shore

Additional details and registration will be available at

The logos and branding mark the completion of Phase I of the “Susquehanna River Water Trail Wayfinding Program.” Phase II will include an in-depth study of the West Branch and North Branch to determine where the new branding can be applied to signage intended to improve on-water navigation. Final reports of Phase II will then be used to guide implementation in Phase III of the program, which includes fabrication and installation of the signage.

A unified wayfinding system on the Susquehanna River Water Trail’s four branches will unite the individual sections under one cohesive wayfinding system. Intentional wayfinding will enable users to confidently engage with the water trail, mitigate risks at hazards, and facilitate exploration of new sections of trail. The addition of user-friendly information and infrastructure will also open up the availability of the Susquehanna River as a recreational destination for users of all ages and ability levels.

As the convener of the water trail managers and overseer of a landscape that overlaps with the entire water trail, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) is leading these efforts.

“The vibrant and colorful design of the logos were crafted with visibility in mind for later signage implementation,” explains Warriner. “Their versatility also allows for the eventual inclusion of the New York and Maryland sections of the Susquehanna River. Talks are in the early stages, but this is a very exciting partnership opportunity that would unite the entire Susquehanna River corridor.”

SGP would like to thank the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), whose funding makes the Wayfinding Program possible.

Detailed maps of the Susquehanna River Water Trail are available for purchase on SGP’s online shop at The SGP website also hosts free day-trip itineraries and planning resources at

For more information about the Susquehanna River Water Trail, visit