4th Annual Photo Contest

Categories: Landscapes, River Towns, People & The River, and Youth

Entry period: 2014


Once again our judges were blown away by the amazing stories and moments shared in our 4th annual Photo Contest. You shared over 320 images of landscapes, historic river towns, and inspiring photos of life along our incredible Susquehanna Greenway.

Entries poured in from across the state and we even had our first international entry from a visitor from Hungary. Clearly, our mighty Susquehanna is a destination not to be missed. Thank you!

Please note, the following images are displayed in accordance to a limited license awarded to the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership by the photographers. All copyrights to these images are reserved by the noted photographer. Do not duplicate or reproduce these images without the written consent of the given photographer.

1st Place Winner: Judy Winslow

Category: River Towns
Location: Lewisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “I was out for some fresh air and exercise on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail during a beautiful snowstorm. This couple passed by and I couldn’t resist taking a photo before they quickly disappeared down the trail. This trail and these stolen moments are some of the things that make my town so special.”

2nd Place Winner: Adam Ghoweri

Category: River Towns
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: Adam discovered this unique view of his Susquehanna river town from the top of a parking garage. “My brother and I were exploring around town and as sunset was approaching, we were desperately trying to find high ground to capture the light and city.”

3rd Place Winner: Patrick Greenabaum

Category: River Towns
Location: Lycoming Creek
Story Behind the Shot: “My wife and I always enjoy watching balloons launch at the Lycoming County Rotary Club’s Balloonfest & Air Show. At night, the balloon glow is an awesome ending to a great community event.”

1st Place Winner: Scott Hafer

Category: Landscape
Location: Hyner View State Park
Story Behind the Shot: “I often visit this lookout and on this day I stopped with my oldest son after a college visit at Lock Haven University.  He brought his camera and we shared our love of the spectacular views this area gives us.”

2nd Place Winner: Cody Arnold

Category: Landscape
Location: Sunbury, PA
Story Behind the Shot: Cody captured this unique image in a cornfield near Sunbury. “In the past year I’ve become interested in astrophotography and my family has a long history of farming, so I created this shot to reflect both interests.”

3rd Place Winner: Brad Hepfer

Category: Landscape
Location: Lancaster County, PA
Story Behind the Shot: A stiff wind allowed Brad to capture this image of hovering Bald Eagle along the new Enola Low Grade Trail in Manor Township, Lancaster County.

Grand Prize and 1st Place Winner: Sarah Knellinger

Age: 16
Category: Youth
Location: Susquehanna County
Story Behind the Shot: Sarah loves to be outside hiking, fishing, and capturing special moments like this one in Perry County.

This is the first time in the history of the Photo Contest that an entry in the Youth Category has been named Grand Prize by our panel of judges!

2nd Place Winner: Savanna Lenker

Age: 16
Category: Youth
Story Behind the Shot: In her image “Riverside Blues,” Savanna captured a quiet moment on Harrisburg’s often bustling City Island. “Growing up in the city we would often go to the island to play and get in touch with nature and the Susquehanna River.”

3rd Place Winner: Jesse Swartzlander

Age: 12
Category: Youth
Story Behind the Shot: Jesse loves “…that there are activities we can all do in the same river.” Whether boating, rowing, fishing, swimming or Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) seen here, he loves that there is something for everyone along the mighty Susquehanna.

1st Place Winner: Paul Garrett

Category: People & The River
Location: Jersey Shore, PA
Story Behind the Shot: Paul captured this special father and son moment at the river access in Jersey Shore.

2nd Place Winner: Terry Wild

Category: People & The River
Location: Williamsport, PA
Story Behind the Shot: Terry often crosses the West Branch of the Susquehanna River at the Maynard Street Bridge in Williamsport, but this time he was pleased to capture the unique geometry of the bridge with the human element.

3rd Place Winner: Dagny Leininger

Category: People & The River
Location: Shamokin Dam, PA
Story Behind the Shot: Part of the Central PA Rowing Assoc., Dagny spends many mornings sculling on Lake Augusta near Shamokin Dam. She captured this unique view of life on the Susquehanna River in her rowing coach’s sunglasses.

Honorable Mention Winner: Michael Griffiths

Category: People’s Choice
Location: Lycoming County, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “I love Pennsylvania’s covered bridges. There is so much history associated with them and what a story they tell.”

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