About the Park:

The White Cliffs of Conoy, rising 30 feet above the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, are a captivating spectacle. While not a natural formation, these cliffs are remnants of a limestone and dolomite quarry dating back to the mid-1800s.

Opposite the cliffs, across the train tracks, stand the ruins of the limestone factory and the remains of the Billmyer ghost town, vividly reflecting the area’s industrial history. Nature has gracefully reclaimed this once-thriving company town, now abandoned since the quarry’s closure in the 1950s.

Photo by Dustin Underkoffler

Previously under private ownership, the cliffs are now under the control of Conoy Township. Despite scattered debris and remnants, substance tests conducted by the township assure that the area is not hazardous, though caution is advised due to rusted metal and objects. The quarry, now property of the Bainbridge Sportsman Club, has been repurposed for scuba diving practice.

The cliffs can be accessed via the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail. The shortest route begins at Koser Park in Bainbridge, offering a 1.5-mile walk or bike ride heading south. Alternatively, access from Riverfront Park involves a northward 3-mile walk or bike ride. The paved trail, while offering shaded sections, can become hot in the summer. It provides a unique journey to witness and explore the historical and natural elements of the White Cliffs of Conoy.

Photo by Nick Zell

Parking and Trail Access

Ample parking is available at the trailheads of the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, and the well-kept trail accommodates varying skill levels. To reach the White Cliffs of Conoy from York, take US-30 E towards Lancaster. Continue on US-30 E, then take the PA-441 N exit toward Marietta. Follow PA-441 N to River RD, and you’ll find the White Cliffs of Conoy in Marietta, PA.

Directions from Koser Park Access: Begin your journey by heading southeast on S Gay St from Koser Park. Turn left onto W Walnut St and continue straight onto Front St. Follow Front St until you reach River Rd. Turn left onto River Rd, and this will lead you to the White Cliffs of Conoy in Marietta.

Directions from Riverfront Park Access: Begin by heading northwest on Front St from Riverfront Park in Harrisburg. Continue front St until you reach Water St. Turn right onto Water St and then left onto River Rd. Follow River Rd, heading northwest, to return to the White Cliffs of Conoy in Marietta.


This map shows the roads and trails around the White Cliff of Conoy. Map courtesy of Lancaster Online.

The White Cliffs of Conoy are located along the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, just southeast of Bainbridge. Map Courtesy of susquehannariverlands.com

Information courtesy of Lancaster Conservancy Day Hikes

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