About the Park

The Marie Antoinette Overlook, near Wyalusing, PA, just off US Route 6, offers a picturesque view of the Susquehanna River, the mountains, and the historic French Azilum settlement.  

This area served as a refuge for French royalists escaping the French Revolution between 1793 and 1803. The settlement, located directly across the valley, was established in the hopes that Queen Marie Antoinette might find safety there. The Marie Antoinette Overlook provides visitors with an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding farmland, mountains, and the Susquehanna River. 

Those exploring the Marie Antoinette Overlook can also discover the history of the French settlement, enjoy fishing at Stephen Foster Lake, or visit nearby attractions such as Knapp’s Covered Bridge, potentially the highest covered bridge in Pennsylvania. For those interested in delving deeper into the French settlement’s history, the French Azilum’s Laporte House and the French Azilum Historic Site are within a short distance from the lookout. Additionally, the Bradford County Historical Society & Museum, located about a quarter mile away, provides further insights into the area’s rich history. 

Directions & Access

Although the lookout’s pull-off is not prominently marked, it can be found directly off US Route 6 in Wyalusing, PA. If you see two stone turrets in the parking lot, you are in the right place. The lookout serves as an ideal spot for visitors to appreciate the area’s natural beauty and capture stunning photographs.  

Information courtesy of Bradford County Tourism Promotion 

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