Milton State Park Trails

County: Northumberland 

Length: 3.5 miles

Trail Access Points: Northern and southern access from central recreation area 

Trail Surface: Gravel, Dirt, Natural 

Activites: Walking, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Dog-Walking, Soccer Fields, Wheelchair Accessible 

Difficulty: Easy 


This 82-acre island between Milton and West Milton boroughs offers a wide variety of activities and places to explore. The northern section of the park has flat, relaxing walking paths and recreational areas for picnicing, soccer, and other games. The southern section offers a more traditional hiking trail, with beautiful river vistas. If you're in the mood for some fishing, this path is also a nice way to access the river. 

If you're looking for a more calm walking route with nearby access to recreational facilites, try out paths on the Mid Trail. Those seeking a more scenic walk, or hiking for exercise, should check out the southern trails. This half of the park is kept in a natural, wooded state for hiking and studying nature.      

Parking and Trail Access:

The park can be accessed on the east via PA 642 off PA 147, and from the west via PA 642 off US 15 at West Milton. Multiple parking spots are avaliable throughout the middle/northern part of the park. 

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Milton State Park Map

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