Milton State Park

County: Northumberland 

Size: 82 acres 

Activites: Walking, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Dog-Walking, Soccer Fields, Wheelchair Accessible 

Map: Milton State Park


This 82 acre park located on the island between Milton and West Milton features a variety of activites that offer both a fun, recreational day out, as well as a calm, relaxing time in nature. Shorter walking paths along the middle section of the park are perfect for those seeking some light exercise.

 Recreational areas, featured in the northern section, include soccer fields, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and a playground area.

Additionally, a boat ramp on the east side of the island offers a way to get out on the water and enjoy the Susquehanna. Another enjoyable river activity is fishing along the river vistas for some of the warmwater and coldwater fish living in the Susquehanna. The southern section of the island offers a more moderate hiking trail, as well as scenic views.        

Recommended Activities:

  • Paddle the River - If spending a day out on the river, Milton State Park is the perfect spot for launching, ending, or stopping for a quick lunch. More information on a suggested paddling trip from Watsontown to Lewisburg with a lunch stop at Milton State Park can be found here:
  • Enjoy the Soccer Fields - Bring your own ball and have fun with some friends on the soccer fields near the middle section of the park. Children can also have some fun at the playfield nearby. 
  • Go for a Hike - Enjoy nature's beauty by going on a hike on one of the three trails in the park. The North Trail and Mid Trail are a little easier and good for some light exercise, while the Southern Trail is a bit more challenging. 

Access and Parking:

The park can be accessed from the east via PA-642 off PA-147, and from the west via PA-642 off US-15 at West Milton. Multiple parking areas are available throughout the middle/northern part of the park. 

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Photo courtesy: DCNR.PA.GOV Photo courtesy: Nicholas A. Tonelli

Photos courtesy of the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership