Formerly three separate nature preserves known as House Rock, Reed Run, and Pequea South, Clark Nature Preserve was created and named in 2021 in honor and recognition of an extraordinary gift by the Clark Associates Charitable Foundation, in celebration of the Clark Associates’ 50th Anniversary.

Managed by the Lancaster County Conservancy, the preserve features a variety of forest and field habitats, as well as a small network of trails. The trails are great for a variety of hikes with a chance to see some beautiful wildflowers and wildlife along the way. The small deciduous umbrella magnolia (Magnolia tripetala) open-crowned tree is present in the lower reaches of the preserve. You may even see some white-tailed deer and wild turkeys on the trail and around the preserve!

Three streams, House Rock Run, Brubaker Run, and Reed Run, run through the preserve and feature waterfalls as the terrain descends on its way to the Susquehanna River. These many waterfalls can be viewed throughout the trails and are a great reason alone to visit! The changes in elevation as you continue along the trails may prove a bit difficult to some, but the overlook views throughout are a fitting reward, especially at House Rock where you will see a particularly stunning view of the Susquehanna River. The nearby Conestoga Trail links up with the Clark Nature Preserve trail network if you are looking for more miles to explore.

Parking and Trail Access

The trail can be accesse

d by taking PA-283 E to PA-741 E in Manheim Township. Take the PA-741 E exit from PA-283 E. Continue on PA-741 E, and take PA-324 S to House Rock Rd in Pequea. There is a small parking area near the start of the trail. From the south, take US-222 N and PA-272 N. Turn onto Buck Heights Rd/T-387 in Drumore Township. Turn left off Buck Heights Rd onto Truce Rd, and take Martic Heights Dr to House Rock Rd in Pequea. A small parking area is near the start of the trail.


Photo Courtesy of Lancaster Conservancy. Click here for pdf version of the map – Clark Nature Preserve Map 

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