Event Ambassador

Volunteers are needed to assist us during our seasonal events. Get to know our mission and be our feet on the ground at fairs and festivals, or assist us as an on-water safety at our annual paddling events. 

  • Be trained as a Volunteer Ambassador to get acquainted with the ins and outs of SGP and the Susquehanna Greenway. From there, you are certified to be our representation on the ground at both partner and SGP events.
  • Partner events may include fairs and festivals where SGP will setup a booth to share our wealth of resources on outdoor recreation. Talk about the Greenway, hand out trail maps and paddling itineraries, and promote our upcoming events.
  • SGP events include things like our Paddler’s Toolkit Workshops and annual Susquehanna Sojourns. Volunteer roles are usually as on-water safeties, so some paddling experience is required. Tabling roles, similar to our booths at partner events, are also available.

Report Volunteer Hours

Contact Leslie Warriner, [email protected], for more information or to become a volunteer.