11th Annual Photo Contest

Categories: Landscapes, River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Wildlife

Entry period: 2022

Traveling Gallery Locations


October – Public Library for Union County, Lewisburg, PA
November – Avenue 209 Coffeehouse, Lock Haven, PA
December – Salamander Wellness & Yoga Studio, Milton, PA


January – Capitol Building Rotunda, Harrisburg, PA
February – Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA
March – The Exchange, Bloomsburg, PA
April –  Blough-Weis Library, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
May – The Kind Cafe, Selinsgrove, PA
June – Bald Birds Brewing Company, Jersey Shore, PA
July – Gallery on the Square, Millersburg, PA
August & September – Dietrich Theater, Tunkhannock, PA
October & November – Switchboard Studios & Gallery, Columbia, PA


The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Susquehanna Greenway Photo Contest, Treasured Towns and Landscapes of the Susquehanna.

Entries from all across the state poured in during the three-month contest period, which ran from April 2022 to June 2022. Contest categories included Treasured Landscapes, Treasured River Towns, Susquehanna Adventures, and Wildlife.

Please note, the following images are displayed in accordance to a limited license awarded to the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership by the photographers. All copyrights to these images are reserved by the noted photographer. Do not duplicate or reproduce these images without the written consent of the given photographer.

1st Place Winner: Jim Castanzo

Category: Landscape
Location: Airville, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “A scramble out on the rock as water levels were down gave me a unique perspective of the bridge. The contrast of the uniform bridge against the craggy river rocks caught my interest.”

2nd Place Winner: Jen Guisewite

Category: Landscape
Location: Watsontown, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Fresh fallen snow and bridge illuminated by the morning sunlight.”

3rd Place Winner: Dave Nolte

Category: Landscape
Location: Bloomsburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Foggy morning adventure out in Bloomsburg.”

1st Place Winner: Jennifer Thomson

Category: River Towns
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Autumn scene walking from the parking area in front of the state Capitol building to Riverfront Park.”

2nd Place Winner: Brian Anderson

Category: River Towns
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Was on City Island with my wife and as dusk arrived the reflection of the City of Harrisburg on the water was awesome. So I got my camera and took this shot.”

3rd Place Winner: Kari Hultman

Category: River Towns
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “An aerial image of my church, Market Square Presbyterian, in downtown Harrisburg. The main reason I bought a drone was so I could take a photo of my church. It was then I found out that only FAA-certified remote pilots could fly in Harrisburg. So, I took an online course, studied for 5 weeks, passed the Airman’s Knowledge test, obtained my certification, and finally got to take this photo!”

1st Place Winner: Melissa Gray

Category: Susquehanna Adventures
Location: Selinsgrove, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Fall weather doesn’t stop this man from fishing and canoeing on the Susquehanna river near Selinsgrove.”

2nd Place Winner: Kathy Robinson

Category: Susquehanna Adventures
Location: Liverpool, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “A river man started poling the ferry out into the Susquehanna River on a foggy morning. This was my friend’s first, anxious trip across the River on this historic mode of transportation.”

3rd Place Winner: Shannon Lake

Category: Susquehanna Adventures
Location: Bainbridge, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Returning home from a mission with Liberty War Bird Association. We have restored a Vietnam veteran Huey UH-1 helicopter to flight status and fly it to events to educate the public and honor military veterans. We fly with the doors open, so I was able to get this shot by holding – very firmly! – my camera with a wide angle lens out the door, managing to get the blades and the sun in a great configuration.”

Grand Prize and 1st Place Winner: Wes Peterson

Category: Wildlife
Location: Enola, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Yellow-Crowned Night Herons nest in the sycamore trees near the Susquehanna river and feed on the Crayfish in one of the rivers nearby tributaries. This shot was taken from the water with the camera floating just above the water on a homemade foam platform.”

2nd Place Winner: Matt Giambra

Category: Wildlife
Location: Plymouth, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “I visited this location for the first time with my friend and fellow photographer. While there we had a blast photographing eagles, egrets, herons and king fishers. What’s funny is that I never thought of all of those birds we photographed, Canada Geese would have ended up being my favorite image. It was the last photo I took of the day and everything just lined up perfectly for the shot. The colors, the soft ripples in the water and even the poses of the geese. I’m looking forward to going back in the fall and hope I come away with another fun image such as this.”

3rd Place Winner: Andrew Hayter

Category: Wildlife
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Green Frog – Open wide and say AHHH.”

People’s Choice Winner: Sherri Hendricks

Category: Wildlife
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Story Behind the Shot: “Yellow-crowned night heron doing crayfish flip.”