The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) has brought Heart and Soul to the Williamsport community. Since its launch in 2016, the Heart & Soul initiative has engaged citizens with the goal of building brighter futures based on what they feel matters most. Last year volunteers from across the city recorded and listened to Williamsport’s stories, and this year volunteers worked hard to extract common values from the narratives.

From these values, the Heart of Williamsport (HOW) team has identified the following themes: 1) Arts, Culture & Heritage 2) Beautiful Natural Environment 3) Diverse Community 4) Educational; Assets, Activities, Events 5) Health, Safety, Welfare 6) Opportunities & Economic Growth 7) Small Town Feel 8) Urban Amenities & Recreation. Building from these themes, several draft value statements have been devised and are available for review at Comments and ideas for improvements will be used to create a plan of action. The HOW teams asks you to share your feedback for enhancing these community values!  For more information about Heart of Williamsport contact Alice Trowbridge ([email protected]) and follow HOW on Facebook for upcoming events.