The mild weather we’ve experienced this fall has allowed employees of one regional business to enjoy the Susquehanna River Walk a little longer than usual this year.
Larson Design Group is an engineering, surveying, and architecture firm headquartered at Commerce Park Drive in Williamsport, just a stone’s throw from the Susquehanna River Walk. With 180 employees at its Williamsport location, LDG employees can frequently be seen strolling on the river walk during breaks, lunches, and even before work.

“Our employees can earn insurance discounts through our wellness program by walking a certain amount of steps each day,” said Alyssa Rogers, Human Resources Generalist with LDG. “Many LDG employees get their steps on the river walk; we’re tremendously lucky to be so close.”

According to Rogers, the benefits of the river walk extend beyond insurance discounts. “Being able to step away from work and connect with nature for a few minutes each day helps our employees recharge,” she said. “And that’s priceless.”