The Lewisburg River Town Team is pleased to announce that they have been awarded grant funding through the Lindig Lewisburg Foundation Fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania to make modest improvements at the “gas property” aka the public park/empty lot adjacent to the St. George Street Boat Ramp. Among other things, the group will be working on naming the park and putting up signage to enhance the user experience and assist the community in locating the park. The River Town team also plan to install several picnic tables and a unique canoe/kayak rack to allow citizens to store their kayaks during the paddling season.

To get involved with the Lewisburg River Town Team and learn about their complementary ongoing Green Team effort to tackle Japanese Knotweed in the same area contact the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation or call at 570-523-0114.  The Lewisburg River Town Team meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm at the Barnes and Noble Cafe on Market Street.

*Article content courtesy the Lewisburg Neighborhood Corporation’s February 2018 newsletter*