Part of building the Susquehanna Greenway is ensuring that it includes plenty of trails for bike riders and walkers. Over the last 9 months, SGP has been working to collect and organize existing bicycle and pedestrian plans within the counties of Lycoming, Clinton, Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Columbia, and Montour. Details on the walking and biking trails from each plan has been compiled into one master document. This data will serve as a key starting point as SGP begins the process of developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan for the Middle Susquehanna area.

Next steps for this work include forming an Advisory Committee made up of representatives from each of the 7 counties. The final plan will include a list of priority projects and a timeline with funding options for each county to help them move forward with developing additional biking and walking trails. This project was made possible with funding from PennDOT and PA DCNR.