On November 6, 2019, the Diahoga Trail opened to the public. The trail is approximately 1.56 miles in length and runs along the western side of the Susquehanna River from the Athens Bridge on Susquehanna Street to Hayden Street in Sayre. The trail meanders through the woods just north of the boat launch at Riverfront Park and then up a slight incline to the open space of the riverbank in Athens, allowing for a view of the river and the sighting of eagles and waterfowl. “Diahoga,” from which the trail takes its name, was an early Native American name for what is now the community of Athens.

After a devastating flood in September 2011, FEMA workers organized the Rebuild Athens Steering Committee, later to become the non-profit agency Futurescapes. Together they facilitated a series of community-wide meetings in which residents expressed interest in developing riverfront nature walks and paths that would connect parks and provide access to canoe/kayak launching areas as well as retail stores.

In partnership with the borough managers of Sayre and Athens, Futurescapes spearheaded the project. Soon, a team was organized that included representatives from Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development, Endless Mountains Heritage Region, the Carantouan Greenway, Bradford County Conservation District, Bradford County Planning, and the Susquehanna Greenway, as well as the invaluable survey services and advice from Todd Babcock. David Young, the late Hal Smith, and Katie Replogle were also active members of the team.

Parking and Trail Access

Trailheads are located at the Valley Playland in Athens and Riverfront Park in Sayre. Parking is available in both areas, with designated handicapped spots. A ramp is located directly across River Street from the Athens parking area and enables wheelchair access to the trail.

For more information on the area, contact the Bradford County Tourism Promotion Agency here or call 570-265-8687. For questions or comments on the trail, contact the Bradford County Planning Office at 570-268-4103.

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