Greenway Signage

Signage serves many purposes in the developing Greenway corridor – from assisting with wayfinding and sharing valuable information about places of interest, to building the Susquehanna Greenway identity.

Visual Connections: Sign Design Guidelines

For signs to be most effective, however, they need to have a consistent look and feel to them. The Visual Connections manual is intended as a guide for the design, installation, and maintenance of signage within the Susquehanna Greenway.

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Explore our Sign Types

Interpretive Panels

These signs share the special stories of local cultural and historical treasures. In partnership with local experts and historians, this information is brought to life for visitors and the community through informative text and engaging historical images.


Columbia County Covered Bridges (PDFs)

Greenway Orientation Panels

This panel illustrates the geographic extent of the Greenway and the Susquehanna watershed. It helps readers to understand the importance of the Greenway, how it helps to protect our natural and cultural resources, provides recreation and sustainable development opportunities, and how the Greenway can enhance to the quality of life in the connected Chesapeake Watershed.

River Town Panels

These signs are designed to highlight the unique cultural, historic, and recreational assets within river communities. They also share special stories and create awareness for the many land and water based assets within the Susquehanna Greenway corridor. These signs are designed to orient visitors and residents and provoke interest in nearby attractions.