WBPC Segment Paddlers



Bob Linn (miles logged: over 1,200)

  • Cherry Tree Segment (completed 2013-14)
  • Wilds Segment (completed 2013-14 with one leg in 1997)
  • Hyner Segment (completed one leg in 1993 and the rest in 2006)
  • River Towns Segment (legs completed in 2007, 2013, 2018, & 2019)

From the early 1990s to the present, Bob has paddled the entirety of the West Branch Susquehanna River, and more, logging over 1,200 miles paddled. He enjoys both kayaking and canoeing and sometimes camps out on his excursions. He is our first paddler to report all four segments. Way to go, Bob!

Dave Decoteau (miles logged: 97)

  • Cherry Tree Segment (completed April-May 2021) - Dave has blogged about his journey here and here.
  • Hyner Segment (completed October 2021)

Outfitter and owner of Riverside Adventure Company, Dave was inspired to paddle the West Branch with the hopes of offering guided trips to those also seeking West Branch Paddle Club membership. Right now he's working on scouting out the routes and earning his own segment paddles. Stay tuned for updates on the guided trips!

Sue Stackhouse (miles logged: 187.5)

  • Wilds Segment (completed in 2012)
  • Hyner Segment (completed in 2010)
  • River Towns Segment (completed one leg in 2010 and the rest in 2014)

Sue has joined several SGP sojourns and paddling events, some of which have helped her work towards completing segments. She is currently working towards achieving the Cherry Tree Segment, which she began in 2012 with a 13.5-mile paddle from Curwensville to Clearfield. Keep up the great paddling, Sue!

Mark Joshua Heller & John Laughlin (miles logged: 228)

  • Cherry Tree Segment (completed Sept-Oct 2021)
  • Wilds Segment (completed Sept-Oct 2021)
  • Hyner Segment (completed Sept-Oct 2021)
  • River Towns Segment (completed Sept-Oct 2021)

This dynamic duo took on the challenge of both the 444 and the West Branch in the same year! Now, that's a passion for paddling. You can read more about their journeys here

James Wellington Jr. (miles logged: 228)

  • Cherry Tree Segment (completed in 2012)
  • Wilds Segment (completed in 2012)
  • Hyner Segment (completed in 2014)
  • River Towns Segment (legs completed in 2015 and 2016)

Over the years, James has completed many of the West Branch Paddle Club segments through our very own Susquehanna sojourns! Thank you, James, for being a long-standing supporter of the Susquehanna Greenway.

BobbiJo Tallon & Devyn DellaPenta (miles logged: 228)

  • Cherry Tree Segment (completed July 2022)
  • Wilds Segment (completed July 2022)
  • Hyner Segment (completed July 2022)
  • River Towns Segment (completed July 2022)

This mother-daughter team tackled the West Branch in just 11 days! After paddling the 444 in 2021, they couldn't wait to take on this challenge. Fantastic paddling, ladies!

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