Watsontown River Bridge


Of all the Middle Susquehanna River Towns, Watsontown sits farthest up the reaches of the Susquehanna's West Branch.  As such, it can be seen as a gateway town from the Williamsport area and all points south and east. Watsontown also has one of the best riverside parks in the region.  Dotted with mature shade trees and traditional play areas and ball fields, the park sits on an embankment overlooking the Susquehanna River.  Views framing the recently restored Watsontown River Bridge are picturesque in any season.  For a town so small, the park is quite large, providing a venue for carnivals and events that bring the community together.

1. Recreation

Nestled within a bed of supreme agricultural land, state park, and game lands, Watsontown provides room to roam...or race! Walking and biking trails abound in this area. Whether it be Defender's Challenge, Head for the Hills Loop, or Limestone Ramble there's a trail waiting just for you.

2. Watsontown River Bridge

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Watsontown River Bridge was built in 1927. It is constructed with 9 open spandrel arches and is 1,080 feet long.

3. Heritage Days

The first Heritage Days event was held in 1979 at the historic battlefield to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Freeland. The event features 2 full days of colonial foods, demonstrations, period costumed
crafters, tradesmen, and lectures that help visitors of all ages
better understand the lives of the early settlers in the Watsontown

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