The Turkey Hill Experience

Each month our e-newsletter features a local or regional business that calls the Susquehanna home. Learn more about how they are helping to reinvest in our river towns, encourage revitalization, and further local economic development.

When Turkey Hill Dairy began the search for a suitable location for company exhibit, dining, and retail space twenty years ago, they knew that Lancaster County’s undeveloped farmland was out of the question. 

Citing a strong commitment to both farmland preservation and the desire to see redevelopment in existing urban areas, the company eventually located the exhibit and store in the historic Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill in Columbia, PA.  The three-story red brick building was built in 1899 to process imported raw silk, and later housed the Tidy Products sewing company until it closed in the 1970s.  

While decades of vacancy had left it windowless, blanketed in vines, and sprouting trees from the top floor, developers salvaged much of the original facade. The Experience opened in June and the company estimates over 200,000 visitors this year.  While most of the exhibits require admission, there is a public lobby where visitors learn about the history of the Turkey Hill Dairy, Lancaster County agriculture, and the local river towns of Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville.  

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