Trail logo courtesy of Futurescapes.
Different trail segements are illustrated in unique colors. Image courtesy of NTRPDC.
The trail plans to link public parks and river access in Athens and Sayre, PA.

Trail Plans for Sayre and Athens, PA

Connecting Communities to the Susquehanna: Sayre and Athens Partner to Promote Trail Development

Reprinted with permission from the September 2014 NTRPDC Update Newsletter.


Sayre Borough, Athens Borough, and the Valley Joint Sewer Authority have partnered to plan and construct a trail along the Susquehanna River in Sayre and Athens. Futurescapes, a local nonprofit that has spearheaded this effort, has brought together Sayre and Athens as well as many other key organizations to address Riverfront Recreation. The Diahoga Trail, as it will be known, would connect the Athens Bridge to the Hayden Street/Higgins Avenue plateau. Eventually, the vision for the trail is to extend it northward beyond the Hayden Street/Higgins Avenue access point.

The goal is to provide a safe way for residents and visitors to view the river and enjoy outdoor recreation. Many residents already walk near or along the river, but do so either on the road by the Athens Bridge or by creating their own path through the woods. A trail would provide a safer way to enjoy and promote the riverfront.

The trail would safely connect Downtown Teaoga Square (Athens), Valley Playland (Athens), Sayre Riverfront park (including the boat launch), and a portion of the Carantouan Greenway (Destiny Kinal Trail). The trail would be designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards.

Partners include: Futrescapes; Susquehanna Greenway Partnership; Bradford County Conservation District; Endless Mountains Heritage Region; Todd Babcock, PLS; Civil and Environmental Consultants; NTRPDC; Athens Borough; Sayre Borough; Athens Township Parks and Recreation; and the Valley Joint Sewer Authority.

Project partners assisted in preparing a grant application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for funds to support engineering and construction of the trail as well as parking improvements at the proposed access points and trailheads. Both Athens Borough and Sayre Borough, as strong supporters of this project, have worked together to provide services to help see this project through.

For more information, contact Futurescapes.

For a larger map of the proposed project, see the NTRPDC September 2014 Newsletter (.pdf).