Photo by Brett Simpson

Trail Event Stimulates Local Economy

The 7.1 mile Humdinger Trail Run took place March 2, 2012 and was a grand success with 408 racers participating! Part of the River Town Race Series this trail run benefits the Montour Area Recreation Commission. Learn about MARC events on their webpage and on the Greenway Calendar.

.The Commission reported the following facts about the racers and the local economic impact of this great event:

  • 408 racers registered for the event
  • 39% of our racers were female; 61% were male.
  • The average age of our racers was 37.  The oldest racer was 72; the youngest was 7.
  • Of the 408 registrants, 121 (30%) were from more than 50 miles away from Danville.  Racers traveled to Danville from throughout Pennsylvania, as well as from Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.  The vast majority of these visitors not only attended our race, they also bought gas, ate in our local restaurants and/or stayed overnight in our local hotels.
  • Based upon our race registration questionnaires, we know that our average racer spends $62.75/race on gas, food, lodging and supplies.  Given the 408 racers at the Humdinger, we estimate that an additional $25,602 in economic impact was generated regionally by the Humdinger.  This does not include the roughly $13,000 in race registration fees paid to the Montour Area Recreation Commission, nor the roughly $12,400 in food, supplies, services and salaries paid for by the race.
  • Estimate that MARC will turn a net profit of roughly $3,000
  • The money generated through this race, and by the other races in the River Towns Race Series, will help MARC to pay for mowing and maintenance of the Hess Field/Robbins Trail Park, the completion of the Hess Field/Robbins Trail Park skatepark, design, permitting and construction of the North Branch Canal Trail, possible projects of the Danville Riverfront and Open Space Master Plan, the MARC 2012 Free Summer Concert Series, other park, trail and outdoor recreation projects in and around Montour County
  • More than four miles of new trails were created in Montour County’s Hopewell Park, in otherwise unused portions of the park.
  • The grounds around the ‘pig barn’ on the former state hospital land were cleaned up and the building itself was cleaned and better secured.
  • Students from the Danville Area School District were given free admission to the race and, in some cases, received extra credit for participating in the race.