Susquehanna, River of Dreams

Every morning, rain or shine, cold or hot, they are drawn to this piece of the Susquehanna…By 8:30 or so, the regulars are all here, a half-dozen men, most in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, who grew up within sight of the Susquehanna and have never left for long…It is Bud who explains this daily assembly: “We are river rats.” (Stranahan 145)

When searching for books about the mighty Susquehanna River, be prepared to get this repeated recommendation from locals, bookstores, and river rats with good reason – it is a classic. While almost 20 years old, Susquehanna, River of Dreams is still an excellent, readable, and engaging broad story of the river’s geology, settlements, people, canals, resource industries, connection to the Chesapeake Bay, challenging environmental issues, and many opportunities.

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You can often find Stranahan’s classic at a library, local bookstore, or local PA historical society near you. Alternatively, it is easily found online through a major retailer of your choice.