Named after Shickshinny Creek, this SGP river town offers plenty of recreational opportunities including the water trail of the North Branch Susquehanna River and iconic Susquehanna Warrior Trail that crosses through the borough. The name Shickshinny translates to “Five Mountains” in the Chocktaw Native American language, and represents the five mountains (Newport, Knob, Lee, River, and Rocky) that encircle the borough. After it was incorporated as a borough in 1861, Shickshinny became a hub for farmers and businesses. In 1865, a toll bridge to Mocanaqua was constructed, and later a turnpike along the creek towards Huntington Mills in 1877. A number of small businesses still support Shickshinny today, including Five Mountain Outfitters for those looking to rent a kayak and explore the Susquehanna River. For on-land activities, the Susquehanna Warrior Trail and nearby Mocanaqua Trail are perfect opportunities to explore the Susquehanna Greenway.


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1.  Susquehanna Warrior Trail

This 12.5-mile trail located in Luzerne County is nestled in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley, lush with green meadows and surrounding mountain peaks. The trail stretches from the Susquehanna Riverlands in Salem Township to Canal Park in the West Nanticoke section of Plymouth Township. When completed, the Susquehanna Warrior Trail will extend 18.5 miles from the Talen Riverlands Park to the Kirby Park trail system in Edwardsville.

2.  Mocanaqua Trail

Located in the historic Wyoming Valley of northeastern Pennsylvania, the original Moc Loop, as it is familiarly known, is actually a system of four individual trails, comprising about 15 miles along the northern reach of Penobscot Mountain. Although the trails vary in difficulty, all take hikers along an unimproved trail traversing the mountainside to its ridgetop, providing scenic overlooks of the Susquehanna River, surrounding mountains, and the small communities dotting the valley's floor.

3. Little Shickshinny Falls

This hidden feature of Little Shickshinny Creek can be a bit difficult to find, but those who make the hike to find it are rewarded by beautiful falls. The upper waterfall is 8-10 feet tall and formed from a man-made dam. Reaching the lower falls is a bit more difficult, but the stunning 25-30-foot waterfall will be worthwhile.

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