Photo courtesy of Shade Mountain Winery

Shade Mountain Wine Store

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This family enterprise keeps farmland productive and brings business to a river town.

If you are looking for a locally produced holiday gift with a little spirit of the season you need look no further than retail locations for Shade Mountain Winery in Bloomsburg and Northumberland, or the main winery just outside of Middleburg.

Karl and Carolyn Zimmerman converted their Snyder County corn and soybean farm into a vineyard in 1989. Since then their four children have joined the family business. Karl and sons, Bill and Ben, spend their days in the vines and vats while Carolyn and daughters, Amy and Jenny, staff the tasting rooms.

The winery is housed in a 19th  Century converted bank barn and has grown to produce 30,000 gallons of wine annually. Shade Mountain Vineyards encompasses over 68 acres of vineyards that are home to a remarkable array of 40 different grape varieties.

When the Zimmerman’s wanted to expand their sales they decided to open a store in Bloomsburg. “We love the downtown there, it busy and beautiful and we like the college town atmosphere,” says Carolyn.  

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