Rockville Bridge: Rails Across the Susquehanna

Reviewed by Emilie Hettinger

Built in 1902, the Rockville Bridge is the longest stone arch railroad bridge in the world. The bridge crosses the Susquehanna in Marysville, just above Harrisburg. Published in 2002, in accordance with the bridge’s 100th anniversary, Dan Cupper’s book, Rockville Bridge: Rails Across the Susquehanna, tells the bridge’s story from start to finish. 

The book includes a history of the bridges that stood before it, details about the difficulties the construction crew encountered while building the structure, information about the materials chosen to construct the bridge, as well as a gallery with picturesque photos of the bridge and its surrounding scenery. 

You can look for Cupper’s book at your local bookstore, but you can also find it through the online retailer of your choice.