Trails Designation Program

The Susquehanna Greenway Trail Designation Program is designed to work alongside trail managers to enhance and continue to grow your trail system. Becoming a designated ‘Susquehanna Greenway Trail’ opens the door for new opportunities for your trail. These include increased marketing and visibility on a state-wide platform, opportunities to engage with like-minded trail managers in your region and across the state, and access to the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership’s technical assistance resources for planning and trainings.

Susquehanna Greenway Trails Designation Program Overview


Benefits of a Susquehanna Greenway Trail:

  • Heightened local and regional recognition
  • Integration into the larger Susquehanna Greenway Trails System
  • Trail feature on the Susquehanna Greenway website and social media platforms
  • Production of a trail itinerary card to share with the public and partners
  • Susquehanna Greenway branded trail signs (# to be determined by trail length and need)
  • Competitive advantage for select grants to support ongoing trail planning and implementation
  • Yearly summit of trail managers to share best practices and ideas

Trail managers may seek designation for existing trails at any time. Trails must be open to the public, managed regularly by a public or private entity, and have a secured right of way either through ownership, conservation easements, or signed landowner agreements. If your trail is within the planning stages, designation can still be pursued; however, formal designation will not take place until the trail is on-the-ground.

What’s Required for Designation?

  • Complete a Trail Designation Application
  • Gather and submit support materials:
    • Map – showing trail extent, trailheads, and access points
    • Photographs – at least five images depicting trail surface, typical signage/blazing, significant trail features
    • Designation Request Approval Letters of support from trail managers, land owners, and municipal authorities
    • List of access sites/trailheads and their available amenities/conditions

Contact Poppy Breining, [email protected], for more information on how to start your Susquehanna Greenway Trail Designation process.

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