The Susquehanna Greenway will be the state's longest greenway, and this landscape-scale vision is composed of many smaller local Greenway projects. Have an idea for your river town? Get started with the planning resources found here.


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Stormwater Drainage and Green Infrastructure

Stormwater Practices/      Green Infrastructure 

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Conserving Land





  • PA Land Trust Association - Nature Play: Nurturing Children and Strengthening Conservation through Connections to the Land, a guide for creating unstructured childhood play in informal outdoor settings, 40 page manual.



  • PA Land Trust Association - Universal Access Trails and Shared Use Paths, a guide for creating universal access for trail users with limited mobility, 145 page manual.


Stormwater Practices/Green Infrastructure

  • StormwaterPA - A great source of news, information, discussion, and from-the-field examples of collaborative efforts that are protecting water resources, improving community health, and growing local economies.
  • Water Blues, Green Solutions - An interactive documentary project to promote awareness of the role that green infrastructure can play in creating a sustainable water future.
  • Watershed Management (PA DEP) - The Bureau of Conservation and Restoration's mission is to restore and protect Pennsylvania's watersheds through: proper planning and management of water resources and their uses; reducing the impacts of nonpoint sources of pollution on water resources; regulating activities for soil conservation and waterway and wetlands protection;forming partnerships and building local capacity to restore and protect water resources, including drinking water sources; and educating Pennsylvania citizens about watersheds and watershed management.
  • Green Infrastructure Library is maintained by EPA represents the latest and most significant publications developed by the scientific, regulatory, and development communities on green infrastructure. 


Walkable/Bikeable River Towns

  • FREE Online Training - Assessing the Built Environment for Physical Activity - This is an introductory course to learn how to assess streetscapes, parks and trails for physical activity. The course is geared towards researchers, practitioners and anyone else with an interest in learning how to conduct audits of the built environment. Participants will learn about the main variables found in most physical activity-focused built environment audit tools, with a more in-depth look at a few specific tools. Also learn how to customize the tools and train others to conduct assessments.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center - Their mission is to improve the quality of life in communities through the increase of safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity.
  • America Walks - America Walks is a national resource which fosters walkable communities by engaging, educating, and connecting walking advocates.

River Town Redevelopment


Conserving Land

  • Central Pennsylvania Conservancy - Central Pennsylvania Conservancy's mission is to conserve natural resources and open space for the benefit of current and future generations through the acquisition and protection of land in the Central Pennsylvania Region. Counties served in the Greenway include Cumberland, Perry, Juniata, Dauphin, and Snyder.
  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy - The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy protects and restores exceptional places to provide our region with clean waters and healthy forests, wildlife and natural areas for the benefit of present and future generations. Their region extends from the western border to the Susquehanna River and North Branch Susquehanna River.
  • Northcentral PA Conservancy - NPC conserves working farms and forests by partnering with private landowners on conservation easements and land acquisitions.
  • North Branch Land Trust - The North Branch Land Trust works in partnership with landowners and their communities to conserve the scenic, natural and working landscapes that sustain us. They serve Northeastern PA.
  • ClearWater Conservancy - ClearWater Conservancy of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. is a Centre County based land trust whose mission is to promote conservation and restoration of natural resources in central Pennsylvania through land conservation, water resource protection, and environmental outreach to the community.
  • Centre County Farmland Trust - The Centre County Farmland Trust works with willing farm families to place a conservation easement on their farmlands, ensuring that the land is preserved for agricultural purposes forever, regardless of future ownership.
  • Merrill W. Linn Land and Waterways Conservancy - Preserves the land and waterways of Union, Snyder and upper Northumberland counties for scientific, historic, educational, ecological, recreational, agricultural, scenic, or open space opportunities through cooperative agreements with landowners.
  • The Trust for Public Land - The nation's leader in creating city parks and raising money for local conservation, The Trust for Public Land conserves land for everyone to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places.
  • USDA Conservation Stewardship Program - The Conservation Stewardship Program is a voluntary conservation program that encourages producers to address resource concerns in a comprehensive manner by improving, maintaining, and managing existing conservation activities and undertaking additional conservation activities.


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