Tristan Brosious and Matt Roberts with the new Pineknotter Park sign
Original park sign
Tristan and volunteers work on landscaping
Tristan checks the level

New Sign for Pineknotter Park

Newsletter Feature - August 2013

Each month learn about a local project being funded through the Susquehanna Greenway Mini-Grant Program that is helping to build the Greenway and connect people to the Susquehanna River. The program is funded in part by the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources.


Pineknotter Park is a lovely community asset that sits along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Northumberland, PA. Unfortunately, the original park sign didn't reflect the beauty of the park.

"My son, Tristan, and I were at the park for a Boy Scout awards ceremony and on our way past the sign we agreed that it looked a little rough and didn't represent the park or our community very well," says Troy Brosious of Northumberland.  "It just so happened that Tristan needed an Eagle Scout project  - it was a perfect fit,"

The sign was in deplorable condition; the result of age, weather, and flooding. After getting in touch with the Borough of Northumberland and securing permission and enthusiastic support of the Community Development committee, Tristan was charged with raising the funds and coordinating the construction and installation of the sign.

"From the beginning, Tristan wanted this sign to be a high-quality, environmentally responsible product. Something he could bring his own kids to see in the future. To do this the right way he knew he couldn't cut corners."

The Borough of Northumberland worked with Tristan to submit a grant application to the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership for help with the project. In 2012 they were successfully awarded $2,500 Mini-Grant from the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership with the support of the Pennsylvania DCNR to complete the park entrance sign as well as additional interpretive signage within the park.

Requiring matching funds, Tristan approached local businesses for support and recruited friends, family, and fellow Scouts to assist with installation and landscaping. With the sign design finalized, the Borough contacted a Pennsylvania company to manufacture the sign. This summer, Tristan and crew installed the sign and two high-powered, solar LED spotlights. 

"He's such an active, involved kid, " says Troy, "to think that he helped to organize 160 hours of work from volunteers to improve the community in this small way is really powerful as a parent and resident." Tristan will formally receive his Eagle Scout rank this year.

Check out the new Pineknotter Park sign on your next trip through Northumberland and look for the other interpretive park signs this fall! Pineknotter Park sits on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and features a baseball field and riverfront gazebo. Access the park from Route 11 in Northumberland.


Project Funders:
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, Albert Stush DMD, American Legion Post 44, Brewers Outlet, Fraternal Order Of Eagles Sunbury - 503, Jane Wolfe Reichenbach, JD Feaster Earthworks, John Dagle Jewelers, Joyce & Dorsey Hauck, Larson Design Group, Law Offices of T. Boop, Lowes, Max River Valley Realty, Minnier Hearing Center, Northridge Group, Paul Ross Construction, Schindlers Studio, Selinsgrove Dental Arts, Selinsgrove Ford, Service Electric Cable Vision, Specialty Settlement Services, Susquehanna Valley Limousine, Terry & Diana Brosious, Tom Brosious, Tri County Services 

Project Volunteers:
Ann August (Project Coach), Adam Leister, Kevin Owens, Daniel George, Matthew Roberts, Sam Zartman, Steve Leister, Ted August, Terry Brosious, Dorsey Hauck, Tom Brosious, Troy and Melodee Brosious.