Nesbitt Park

About the Park

County: Luzerne

Size: 104 acres

Collective Trail Length: 5 miles

Amenities: Boat Launch, Parking Area, Picnic Areas, Disc Golf Course

Located along the west shore of the Susquehanna River between the Market Street and Veterans Memorial bridges, Nesbitt Park is a family friendly open space that’s great for a variety of activities. This well-kept park is home to many local events, such as the annual Riverfest, a fun day of activities that include environmental education as well as paddle trips along the Susquehanna.

Due to its proximity to the river’s edge and its available boat launch, Nesbitt Park is often used by fishermen. But, with its vast greens, the park is great for anything from an afternoon walk to recreational sports.

Children can enjoy the playground while parents enjoy the beautiful foliage. With the park’s recently added disc golf course, all you need is a Frisbee or two to have a good time!

Sources: City of Wilkes-Barre, Discover NEPA

Boat Launch at Nesbitt Park
Photo by Jeanne Kenney