Confluence of the North and West branches
Keithan's Gardens in Sunbury
Appalachian Trail hikers in Duncannon

Middle Susquehanna Greenway Driving Tour

The Susquehanna River has been a corridor of commerce to the Chesapeake Bay from the time that Native Americans first inhabited its shores, through the canal and industrial periods, and remains so today. The Susquehanna River Watershed provides half of the fresh water entering the Bay and drinking water to over six million people!

This driving tour consists of a printable Guide Booklet and companion audio tracks which you can download to your MP3 player, burn to a CD, or access with your QR code reader on your smartphone!

The cultural and natural history of the Susquehanna River is centuries long and the impact of the river is longer still when you consider geological time.  This tour with audio will guide you through both and suggest you linger when you want to explore more at selected stops, viewpoints, and historic river towns.

Tour Statistics

  • 95 miles
  • 2.5 hours total driving time
  • 22 Stops, each with a narrative audio track


Step 1 - Tour Booklet

  • Click here to download and print the tour booklet (.pdf)


Step 2 - Tour Audio

  • At Stop #1, play Track #1, etc.
  • Download the audio tracks to your MP3 player, or burn them to a CD to play in your car
    • Click here to download each track. This option is useful if you might drive the tour out of order, or skip stops
    • Click here (Right click, Save Link As) to download the complete tour audio as one track (28 MB). You will need to pause this audio after each stop.
  • Smartphone users with a QR code app can scan each code in the guide
    booklet to listen to the audio at each stop. You can scan the QR code
    below to get started.
    Greenway Driving Tour Introductory QR code


  • Or purchase a Driving Tour Audio CD for $10
    • If you don't have the capability to download and burn the audio tracks to a CD,
      you can purchase one audio CD for $10. Send a personal check with your
      phone number, return address, and a note that your check is for the
      Driving Tour Audio CD to: Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, Attn:
      Driving Tour, 201 Furnace Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837
    • Or, pay online by visiting our Donation page.
      • Select "Join, Renew, or Donate"
      • Under Gift Information select "Other" and type in $10. Next to "Recurring" select "One-Time"
      • Enter your Contact Informationand Payment Information
      • IMPORTANT!: under Additional Information - We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas field, type "This $10 payment is for one copy of the Driving Tour Audio CD" Specify here if you would like the CD sent to an address other than the one you listed under Contact Information.
    • Please make sure your CD player is capable of playing a burned CD before you submit your order

What to Bring

  • The printed tour booklet
  • The audio tracks on your MP3 player, a CD, or bring your smartphone play tracks as you visit stops
  • A state road atlas and/or a GPS unit to navigate to each stop
  • Friends, snacks, and a camera!


  • Obey speed limits and traffic laws
  • Wear your seatbelt and use directional signals
  • Use caution when pulling into or out of tour locations and be courteous to other drivers



This tour was made possible in part by a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.