Lower Susquehanna Region

It’s a fertile place, where wineries dot the landscape and farmers, working the land near York and Lancaster, are rewarded for their efforts with the bounty of Autumn.  It’s an historic place, home to Accomac Inn on the shores of the Susquehanna River, and the restored Whitmer Grist Mill, originally built in 1832.  The Lower Region was once the site of Camp Security, ─ a prisoner-of-war camp that held captured British soldiers and their families in the late 18th Century. 

Heritage is important here, where soldiers fought to create the Union, and then to save it.  The Susquehanna is part of that heritage, so much so that communities actively present themselves as “river towns.”  One such town almost became America’s capital.  Another town is the nationally recognized center for Amish, Mennonite, and other “plain people,” strongly connected to their faith and the land.  And through it all, connecting it all, the Susquehanna.