Lewisburg: Winter X-Trail Challenge

Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 9:00am - 12:30pm

Description: Mark your calendar! Lewisburg Neighborhoods is planning for another Winter Cross-Trail Challenge in 2020. The goal is to journey along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail mid-winter by any (legal) means possible. That means, regardless of the groundcover or weather that day, make some tracks. It could be a walk in the park… or in a blizzard.  Choose your method of locomotion — bike, boots, skis, snowshoes… Traction aids may be advisable. 

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail, but for fans of the trail and other hangers on who aren’t up for the physicality, consider planning a drive out to Mifflinburg to meet any intrepid Challengers for lunch at the Rusty Rail.  The goal is to arrive at the Rusty Rail between noon and 12:30.  The challengers would love to see you.  Especially if you’re up for bringing them a change of clothes and can give them a ride back to town.

Anyone wishing to participate and interested in securing a ride back should contact Walk It Bike It at active@LewisburgNeighborhoods.org. We’ll confer about methods and the relevant timing during the week leading up to the event. If walking, it will likely take approximately 3 hours; biking 1 hour — but both of those are approximate and if it’s actively snowing or icy, it will take longer!

More information here.