Lewisburg; Live Stake Planting

Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Decription: Lewisburg Neighborhoods will be taking advantage of the versatility of certain water-loving plants and taking prepped but fairly innocuous looking sticks and pounding them in between the rocks lining the creek to see how we do helping to establish a less barren bank.  Planting native plants in this way can create habitat, improve water quality and slow run-off. We will provide the live stakes and some rebar for piloting holes.  

Location: Towne Green by the covered bridge

Registration: We'd love to know if you plan to attend: call 570-523-0114, email elmstreet@windstream.net, or text 781-366-0726.

Note: Dress for the weather and consider wearing your wading boots, because at least some of us will want to be pounding the live stakes in from a position low enough on the bank to constitute being in the bed of the creek. If you have a spare 5# sledge hammer, feel free to bring it along.  

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