Lewisburg; Fall In-River Cleanup

Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 10:00am - 2:00pm

Location: Meet at Wolfe Field near the old swimming hole, back near the brush pile at 10am that Saturday, SEPTEMBER 8. The Park entrance is on Saint Anthony Street.  There is parking in the park as well as in the neighborhood.

Join the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Association for their annual Fall In-River Cleanup. This event was rescheduled from their August date and time. Volunteers will be wading, paddling, and walking along Buffalo Creek from the water hole to the Lewisburg Community Garden & Soldiers Park. All participants should be ready to get dirty, but wear clothing appropriate to their preferred activity.  If you are going in the water, please wear clothes that can stand the soaking and mud as well as some kind of sturdy water shoes (old sneakers or water sandals work well; flip flops do not!). Everyone should bring a water bottle, put on sunscreen, and wear a hat.  Gloves will be useful mostly on land.  We have a couple grabbers available, but if you have one to bring, they can be invaluable.  Those in the water will pull tires and other debris from the shallows

Fee info: There is no fee to participate, however participants are encouraged to bring along a canoe or kayak. This year instead of being a wading activity, volunteers will be primarily boat-based.  As a result, organizers will need to know whether they can expect you so they can have a suitable number of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards available.  Please let the office know at least two days in advance (by Thursday morning) if you plan to participate (by email elmstreet@windstream.net or by phone/text at 781.366.0726).

Contact Info: please RSVP to elmstreet@windstream.net or 570.523.0114 so we can gauge capacity, or visit lewisburgneighborhoods.org

Additional Information: The process is always dependent on the water level and we have to play it by ear that morning, but the general outline will require getting people across the swimming hole to start.  If water levels are high enough, we will just be putting people in tubes or water craft from the start, but if it’s low, we will ferry people across the swimming hole and once past that have them walk along the creek bed downstream.