Photo courtesy of Marietta ArtHouse

Investing in River Towns - Marietta ArtHouse

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January 2012 article.

“Local artists are coming out of the woodwork, its amazing!” says Linda Mylin Ross, Exhibit Coordinator at the Marietta ArtHouse.  The ArtHouse opened in 2010 under the guidance of Clair Lavin, Executive Director, to promote art through gallery exhibitions, art classes and community arts projects.  Located in a beautifully restored Victorian home in downtown Marietta, the ArtHouse is quickly becoming a hub for community activities and draws interest from locals and tourists alike.

“The ArtHouse plays an important role in this community. We serve a number of local artists
who own homes in Marietta, regional artists from other river towns, and we see a substantial number of tourists,” reports Ross. “Often tourists come to visit Marietta and take in the historic architecture, or they are in the area for the Northwest River Rail- Trail, Chickies Rock Overlook, or other local attraction and they will stop in to see what we’re all about.”

With regards to why Marietta is a great location for the business Ross says, “We love being located in this river town, we are ideally located between Harrisburg and Lancaster and it’s not your typical suburb. The community values the outdoors and gardening and these themes are often apparent in their artwork.” To learn more about the Marietta ArtHouse, view the exhibit schedule, artist shop, and upcoming events, visit their website at: and follow them on Facebook.


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