Photo courtesy of Connie Kintner

House of the Rising Buns Bakery Shoppe

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Open the door to the Bakery Shoppe in historic Tunkhannock and you are greeted with delicious aroma of baked goods as well as one of the warmest welcomes you can imagine from owner Connie Kintner. “Helloo Honey-Bunny!” she calls periodically to familiar customers who pop in the door for rolls, buns, breads, cookies, pastries and an assortment of coffee and teas. Bounding around the store restocking shelves with goods hot of the delivery trucks Connie filled us in on her newest venture, and her commitment to downtown river town revitalization.

 The Bakery Shope is located in Tunkhannock’s historic downtown district in the former Fitze’s Department Store building that had been a staple of the downtown business district for generations. “When this huge building became a vacant hole in our downtown a bunch of us in town just said ‘Aah! We have to do something!’ Did we know that something would be me opening a bakery? No way, but I’d had the idea for a while and was looking for something in town” reports Kintner. 

While she initially had a vision for her shoppe in the lower section of downtown, that changed after the flooding last September. “I realized that I wanted to be the shop that was open and dishing out hot coffee and a place where people could gather and find support during a flood, so I’d better be on higher ground, and this space just happened to be a good fit.” explained Kintner.

The Bakery Shoppe carries goods from a number of local family or regional bakeries. Additionally, Kintner’s business partner, Karen Selige, has introduced locally grown organic produce along with a large selection of gluetin-free pastas, crackers, sauces, and snacks. “I wanted this to be like the Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market experience of Tunkhannock,” explains Kintner, referring to Boston’s famous bustling market. “You get your pastry and coffee, sit down and read the paper in the café area, and maybe later browse for antiques in the connecting store. Tunkhannock is a place where things are really happening and I’m happy to have this shop be part of that.”

You can visit the House of the Rising Buns Bakery Shoppe along 6 East Tioga Street in Tunkhannock, or visit them online at their Facebook page