Brad Niemiec and Meghan Beck

The Hotel Edison

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Two years ago when Meghan Beck and Brad Niemiec discovered The Hotel Edison when looking for commercial real estate, they saw a good investment opportunity despite the obvious state of disrepair. The couple took over management of the restaurant, bar, hotel rooms and apartments and are now in the process of purchasing the property.

The hotel was the first to be illuminated by Thomas Edison's three-wire electrical system and its success has been vital to downtown Sunbury. The dining room, bar, banquet area and the third and fourth floor halls have been renovated and there is current work being done on the second floor hall, as well as, updates to infrastructure such as cables and plumbing. They purchased the building next door to expand the hotel and have requested permission from the city to display the hotel and have requested permission from the city to display one of Edison’s original dynamos, an electric generator.

Beck stressed the importance of reaching out to the community for their knowledge of the property and involvement as the Hotel Edison is revitalized. Beck mentioned that, “We have a local organization called Sunbury’s Revitalization Inc. (SRI). It's organizations like this and the local government offices that are essential for investors to connect with when starting a new business. You have to be engaged in the community you invest in it.”

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