Segment 3: Hyner

The Hyner section of the West Branch Paddle Club (WBPC) takes its name from the hang gliders that are often seen overhead where the Susquehanna River West Beanch wanders past Hyner View State Park. In total, this section covers roughly 43 miles of the 228-mile water trail, passing through scenic woodlands and the Susquehanna Greenway River Towns of Renovo and Lock Haven, ending in Jersey Shore. Some points of interest along this section of the water trail include Hyner View State Park, remnants of the Lock Haven boom, and Great Island, the former location of three Munsee Indian villages. 

Estimated Paddle Time: 3-4 days (estimate based on 12-16 miles per day at normal water levels)

Start: Renovo 5th Street Access (RM 97.8) or PA State Flaming Foliage Access (RM 97.3)

Accesses on this section:

  • PA State Flaming Foliage Access (RM 97.3)
  • PFBC North Bend Access (RM 94.5)
  • PFBC Hyner Access (RM 90.8)
  • DCNR Bureau of Forestry Baker Run Canoe Launch (RM 83.5)
  • Lock Haven Municipal Access (RM 69.9)
  • Lock Haven Memorial Park Access (RM 69)
  • PFBC Pine Access (RM 61.9)

Overnight Stays:

  • A camping permit is required within Sproul State Forest and can be obtained by contacting their District Office at 570-923-6011. For additional information on camping within Sproul State Forest please click here
  • For information on camping within Hyner Run State Park please contact at 570-923-6000 or visit their website here
  • For information on camping within Bald Eagle State Forest please contact at 570-922-3344 or visit their website here
  • For more information on overnight stays along this segment, please contact the Clinton County Economic Partnership.


  • Grant Street low-head dam (RM 69.8)

End: Jersey Shore Borough Access (RM 55.6)

Photo courtesy 

Hyner View State Park. Photo courtesy 

Beth Vanhorn on 

The Susquehanna River at Lock Haven 

View of the Lock Haven Dam from the riverwalk

Renovo welcome sign located near the river access