Steve Johnson, Robert Price, Jan Fisher and Rita Spangler with the award
A green roof absorbs rainwater.
Natural light and local art fill the lobby
SGP Board and Staff members tour the campus
Pathway To Health highlights streetscape and pedestrian improvements.

Greenway Award for Susquehanna Health

News - August 2013

The dream of leaving an older home and finding something "built to suit" in a new development is a thought that often occurs to homeowners looking for more space and less upkeep. 

The thought also occurred to Susquehanna Health. 

Their Williamsport Regional Medical Center was established in 1891, back when that part of town was new development. Over the years the facility had been renovated to keep pace with changing medical and patient care, but by turn of the current century the center was at a crossroads. Start fresh and build at a new location, or stay and renovate? 

Susquehanna Health decided that a multi-million dollar, "green" renovation was the right call. Six years later the renovation is complete and their commitment to environmental sustainability has resulted in LEED certification at the gold level from the U.S. Green Building Council. The campus expansion incorporates efficient energy usage, recycled materials, natural lighting, local art, and an innovative stormwater management system for the building and parking lot.

The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership applauds the efforts of Susquehanna Health that have resulted in significant reinvestment into the city of Williamsport. To honor Susquehanna Health for their efforts, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership presented Susquehanna Health with the first Susquehanna Greenway Investing In Healthy River Towns Business Award on July 23, 2013.

The decision to renovate rather than build new has preserved greenspace and kept this important community resource within easy reach of local patients and residents. Being accessible by public bus, by bike, and even by foot means fewer or shorter car trips by patients resulting in less pollution and traffic. Susquehanna Health has also started “Pathway to Health," a network of streets and boulevards being streamlined and beautified to transport patients and families from Interstate 180 to Williamsport Regional Medical Center. 

Managing stormwater with a "green" planted roof, healing gardens, and landscaping that captures rain means that stormwater is absorbed on site. This will keep storm runoff out of the Susquehanna River and help to preserve water quality for the city and those living downstream.

Finally, this multi-million dollar renovation has sparked renovation and reinvestment conversations among other community businesses and residents, and will serve as a positive catalyst for future improvement in the city.

Learn more about the Williamsport Regional Medical Center's sustainable building design. 

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