Tree planting in Muncy

Greening Muncy: Volunteers Plant Street Trees

If you haven’t noticed, the town of Muncy along the West Branch is looking pretty green these days. Thanks to the intrepid volunteer work of the Borough’s Shade Tree Commission over 300 trees have been installed and 29 more are set to be planted this spring.

The street and park trees are not only appealing to look at, but they provide a number of environmental benefits including absorbing stormwater and filtering the air. They have also
provided an excellent educational opportunity for area schoolchildren.

Mr. Woody Fry’s 5th graders at Meyers Elementary School finished a unit on trees with a visit from the Commission members. “They learned to identify trees, consider blights and pests, and figure out what types of trees are best suited for life along a street,” said Nella Storm, Committee Chairperson. “For homework, they went outside and explored the trees in town, collected leaves and created their very own leaf book to identify different species. They enjoyed it so much and it was a great program to get them outside, active, and exploring the world around them.”

The Commission purchases, plants, and maintains street trees with help from programs like TreeVitalize, sponsor Muncy Bank and Trust, and partners Muncy Creek Township, Muncy Borough, the local school district, and Boy Scout troops.

To get involved and help with tree plantings in Muncy contact Nella at (570) 546-3757. To find out more about TreeVitalize grant program or to download a coupon towards your next tree, click here.