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Millersburg Ferry
Undercut bank

Grant Will Help Save Beloved Park

Each month learn about a local project being funded through the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership that is helping to build the Greenway and connect people to the Susquehanna River.

January 2013

Millersburg is a Susquehanna River Town known for its paddle and pedal power!  Riverfront Park is not only home to the historic Millersburg Ferry Boat Landing, but also to the new biking/walking trail that will be a future connection to the Lykens Valley Rail-Trail.  Unfortunately, serious erosion issues are threatening to send much of Riverfront Park and its improvements downriver!

An engineering study is currently underway as the first step
in solving the river bank erosion problems that threaten both Riverfront Park and the historic Ferry Boat Landing in Millersburg.

Borough Manager Chris McGann is leading the effort to protect the public park for future generations. “We lose a little more of the riverbank with every spring flood and high water event.”  Late last year, engineers from Brinjac Engineering of Harrisburg walked the sites and are now working on a report detailing the Borough’s options for slowing the severe erosion. 

Once the study, contracted under a $2,500 Mini-Grant from the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership with the support of the Pennsylvania DCNR, is completed, Millersburg officials plan to use it to leverage additional funding to install flood control measures and may even attempt to reclaim some of the river bank. 

Says McGann, “Millersburg just completed a nearly $600,000 project to revitalize Riverfront Park.  We don’t want our investment to float down the river someday.  Thanks to the Susquehanna Greenway Mini-Grant, we are able to take the first step in a major effort to both beautify and protect Riverfront Park.”


Erosion photo courtesy of Chris McGann.