Image courtesy of EMHR

French Azilum Historic Event

On September 22, 2012 “Mountain Men, Native Americans,
Continental Militia Men, and Revolutionary War soldiers” will gather at the French Azilum Historic site to celebrate life as it was lived during the late 1700’s as the United States of America, and France were both undertaking revolutions for independence and political reform.

Attendees will experience firsthand the thunder of black powder muzzle loaders, the “whack” of tomahawks and throwing knives, and the graceful flight of an arrow or atlatl dart while learning about the technology available to early American peoples both in warfare, and in everyday life. Transport yourself back in time and feel the thrill of actually handling, firing and throwing these historic weapons!

The day will also include live demonstrations, commentary and historical significance on period military technology, friction fire building demonstrations, hide-tanning, and other traditional crafts of the time period. Visitors who come to this event will not only get to view history; they will get the chance to live it!

 The encampment, Gatehouse and gift shop will be open all day from 11am-4pm for public viewing.The Laporte House and grounds will also be available for tours. 

For more information contact Danielle Huck, French Azilum site manager (570) 265-3376.